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Stainless Steel Grates and Other Services in Sydney

Product Options:

options colored

Lineal Drain:

lineal drain
Lineal Drain - Contemporary look for bathrooms, balconies, paved areas, swimming pools.

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Tile Insert:

tile insert straight
Tile Insert - Custom-made to suit your tile sizes.

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Swimming Pool Skimmer Tile Insert:

Swimming pool skimmer tile inserts are designed to conceal and complement your pool surroundings.

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Slot Drain:

Our slot drains are custom made for every application they are designed for a minimal visual impact.

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Wide Waterproofing Flanges:

wide waterproofing flanges
Wide Waterproofing Flanges - Where waterproofing is necessary. Lineal wedge wire grate made with wide built-in flashings to horizontal and vertical surfaces.

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Threshold Lineal wedge wire grate with an integrated concealed channel section which connect all sub-sill sections. The system allows threshold to be drained away with a zero step.

Traffic Drain:

traffic drain
Traffic Drain - Complete with concrete ties and angle frame ends to enclose framework.

Heavy Duty External Grate & Trough:

ext grate trough

EasyFlow Wedge Wire - Large sump area and wider water catchment.

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Tile Insert/Floor Waste:

tile insert floor waste
Tile Insert Floor Waste - Also available with wedge wire.

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Standard Tile Insert:

Our standard Tile Insert includes sizes 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm, and 1200mm with a fully welded 89mm spigot to centre.Please note there are no modifications to our standard Tile Insert range. Customised Tile Inserts are available on request.

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Standard Grate & Trough:

Our Grates are made from a wedge shaped wire designed to reduce blocking and also has a high drainage flow. Wedge wire’s slim line appearance compliments any application, is resistant to the elements and provides a long lasting drainage solution.

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Floating Floor Waste:

Floating Floor wastes are typically used in commercial and Industrial settings. Dimensions can be manufactured to site specifications.

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Lint and Hair Removable Basket & Grate Key Lifter:

basket and key
Lint and hair basket and grate key lifter - Use the key to lift the wedge wire and remove the basket for cleaning.

Wedge Wire Profile:

Wedge shaped wire designed to reduce the possibility of clogging or blocking. Wedge wire grating also has a high flow characteristic making it ideal for drainage and wash-down areas. It also provides a substantial clear opening in ratio to the overall surface area of the grate. Wedge wire’s slimline appearance compliments any application, is resistant to the elements and provides a long-lasting drainage solution. All grates are available in 316, 304 and Electropolish.